Matteos of Howard Beach

Family Style Italian Restaurant

Our Family​

Our restaurant is also owned by two business partners, Michael and Anthony. Michael and Anthony both have a background in business and have been working together for several years. They bring a wealth of business acumen and experience to the restaurant, which has helped to grow it into the successful establishment it is today. Together, they handle the daily operations and management of the restaurant and make sure the customers are satisfied with the service. 

Homemade Food​

At the helm of our kitchen is our talented and experienced chef, chef Rafael. He bring with him over two decades of experience. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our menu, and is dedicated to creating delicious and authentic Italian dishes. He is very passionate about his craft, and is constantly experimenting with new recipes and ingredients to come up with fresh and exciting dishes. He take pride in the quality of his food and the way it is presented. He also makes sure that the use of the freshest ingredients are always in the kitchen, and also makes sure that the kitchen staff is well trained in preparing each dish to perfection. He is committed to making sure every meal served at our restaurant is a culinary experience to remember.